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About us



As the sun shined upon the horizon of her heart she knew without love she was a mere shadow of her true "SELF ”


WHEN I EXAMINED MY LIFE... I noticed my pattern of attracting selfish, disloyal people reflected the disloyalty and lack of self-worth that I had for myself. I realized that those beliefs were being projected subconsciously into my relationships. "Let’s Get Matched, Not Just Addicted to Love" helped me look at how I loved and why I usually looked for love in all the wrong people, places, and bad situations.


If I am ever to receive and give the kind of love that I deserve, I had to first explore all the “what’s and why’s”  That was connected to my present, my future, and then break those strong holds over me; so that I am able to attract the type of love, and healthy relationships that I am meant to have in my life.


People are very unique and what I am proposing will not be easy a task. Building these connections takes time but trust me it will be worth it in the end. Building and sustaining healthy relationships is at the forefront of mankind successfully being able to build and unify communities.  In fact, the fate of the universe depends on mankind learning how to sustain  genuine connections with one another. In order to acheive that, the hard truth must be honestly explored if any of us are to ever receive and give love in its purest and most powerful form.

Together, we all can muster up the courage needed to “Let Go and Get Matched” to a better life. This workbook will help examine the REAL reasons why people have become unsuccessful when it comes to having and then sustaining healthy relationships. Think of this Workbook as a go to manual that can be used to help sustain healthy relationships.The understanding of relationships is not an easy job.



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31 Day Challenge

The vision behind the Let’s Get Matched 31 Day Challenge to Better Relationship(s) Workbook is that people can — locally and globally — learn the tools needed to heal from life events that have left them in a state of self-hatred and on a path of self-destruction. With the belief that once the journey begins to love one’s self, a path unfolds to change conditions that affect one's life positively. I am proof that people can change for the better, regardless of their situation. The mission is to promote healthy relationships and develop better communication skills that allow people, ideas, and resources to connect on a higher level.


Our fervent hope is that in 31-days this workbook will begin the process of changing people's mindset so that it is easier for them to take action; in assuring healthier relationships for themselves and others throughout the world.


Our Let's Get Matched testimonial simply put is a showcase that features various Let’s Get Matched Readers who have undergone the 31-Day Relationship Challenge and want to share with others what this life changing journey has been like for them.

Readers offer others the benefit of their experience by sharing the valuable skills gained when completing the Let’s Get Matched 31-Day Relationship Building Assignments outlined in their Workbooks. They also offer the support needed to those who want and believe that they can complete the 31-Day Challenge too. It is the consensus that by coming together, we are more likely to be more effective in successfully reaching this goal than we could ever be trying to achieve it alone.

Anyone can complete the 31- Day Relationship Challenge when purchasing the Workbook. If you would like to join our Let's Get Matched testimonial panel, all you have to do is submit your request of interest which can be found in our Contact Us Section. Also, feel free to join us by listening or watching our podcast as we talk to gain more insight and introspection on life, love, and the pitfalls of dating and relationships in general.  Engage as our readers address a variety of topics that are outlined in each chapter of the Let’s Get Matched Workbook during our live Podcast or as we like to call it...The Let’s Get Matched Challenge.

Christel: Teacher My job is to encourage and shape the young minds of tomorrow and I believe that is exactly what I do. 1 enjoy what I do and try to live my life in the moment. I work hard but I also know how to sit back and enjoy a good NBA game or two. It wasn't until I took the 31-Day Challenge, I realized that taking the time to care for me, helped me become even more determined to teach my students the importance of working to better themselves from the inside out and not the other way around.

Tamara: Insurance Rep 
With working a full-time job, running my own Bakery Business, you could say that I am always on the go. If I am not trying to build my business, be a die hard Eagles' Fan, then I must be tending to the needs of my amazing family. lt was during my 31-Day Challenge when I realized that I was taking of everybody else but myself. This book helped me sharpen my skills in the art of taking time to love on me in the mist of it all. 

Stevi: Teacher
Most of the time you will find me teaching because I really love what I do and believe in making a difference Being a productive member of society, leaves me little time to spend doing much of anything else except supporting my team, the Ravens whenever they need me. So you can imagine my surprise during my 31-Day Challenge when I realized that there is more to life than just working and that it is ok to Laugh & Live it up a little from time to time. Life is too short not to. 





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